If you’re like most people, once you got your website up and running, you went about your business and never gave it a second thought outside of telling people to “check out my website!”.

That’s fine for a while, however,  technology and web standards change regularly and those changes could render your site outdated and ineffective.

A well-designed website has the ability to make a significant impact on your marketing initiatives and the overall success of your business.

Websites that are easy to use, information, and establish trust have the ability to captivate website visitors and convert them into customers.

You’d rather have a site that’s working FOR you and not against you, right?

Here’s how an outdated website can actually HURT your business.

How an outdated website could hurt your business

You’ll lose mobile customers

Over 60% of website visits happen on mobile devices. That’s no secret.

When your website does not render properly on a mobile device and someone’s trying to read your content or get more information, they’re going to go somewhere else.

No one wants to fight with a browser on their phone.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly it’s turning off potential customers.

It makes your competition look better

One place they’ll turn to is your competitors. If your competitors have up to date websites that are eye-catching, informative, and easy to use, then it makes them look more trustworthy and overall more competent.

Not having an updated website puts you at a disadvantage.

When your website is well designed and strategically built, then it can help you stand out in a competitive market.

You won’t turn up in search results

You might have wondered why your website isn’t showing up in search results. It can be for a number of reasons and one of them might be that you’re using oudated SEO practices.

SEO (search engine optimization) standards are constantly changing. If your site hasn’t had an SEO audit in over a year then it’s definitely time to review that part of your site.

SEO practices that worked one, three, five, or ten years ago no longer work today. Updating your site’s SEO functionality regularly is crucial for staying at the top of search results.

It hurts your first impression

A company’s website is often the first point of contact a company has with a potential customer.

You want that first impression to kick ass, right?

When your site looks like it’s from 1999, your credibly is diminished and it looks like you just don’t care or have the ability to present your business professionally. Your quality as a company seems questionable.

Your website is really another member of your team, one that doesn’t sleep and has the potential to work around the clock to make great first impressions and convert visitors into customers.

Having an outdated website that isn’t primed to produce the results you need is holding you back.

The Bottom Line

Having an outdated website is just as bad, if not worse, than having no website at all.

Your website has the potential to be another contributing team member – to make more sales, generate leads, and grow your income.

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