Sign More Clients + Book More Projects

With a website that consistently converts visitors into clients

Sign More Clients
Book More Projects

With a website that consistently converts
visitors into clients

Running a business comes with a big to-do-list but don’t let that overwhelm you. By focusing on actionable items you can do today, you are laying the building blocks for the future. Here are four things to do today for your business.

Create A Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar that aligns with your overall marketing goals helps your message stay focused and automates your marketing which will free up your time to focus on other important tasks. At the beginning of each month outline the upcoming holidays, events, promotions, etc that you want to talk about on social media. Spend some time writing out the copy for these posts and planning them throughout the month. That way when things get busy you don’t have to panic about figuring out what to post for the day – it’s already planned and scheduled out!

Not sure where to start? Here’s how to plan content the easy way.

Do An Audit

Look at your overall operations and identify three things you could do better this year. Start small – small steps eventually lead to big changes, but you need the stepping stones in place before doing a huge brand overhaul. Examples: Post consistently on Instagram, send out one email newsletter per month, go through your social content and hide or delete posts that aren’t on-brand or visually consistent.

Identify Brand Pillars

Brand pillars are the cornerstone of your brand’s content and identity online. It helps you map out the flow of content planning, keeps your message on target, and cultivates a brand culture within your community. Not sure what brand pillars are? Click here for tips on how to map them out.

Go to a Meetup!

Whether you’re in a big city or a small town find your community. Ninety percent of the opportunities I’ve had have come from people who have referred me, who I’ve worked with before, or who I met at a networking event. A great way to find events that are going on in your town is by visiting and checking out the FB events in your area.

You Got This

Take a breath, focus on what you can do, and remember that you got this!