Hi, I’m Chaucee, a web designer and developer who lives in a log cabin in the mountains of Colorado.

My interest in web design started when I was a 12 year old on the internet. I taught myself basic HTML and CSS and loved creating custom looks for my Xanga and Diaryland blogs (am I dating myself here?).

Fast forward through high school and college (where my degree was *literally* called general studies HA) and I found myself in a marketing job at a branding agency in downtown Philadelphia.

After putting in a couple of years there without trying to lose my soul, I left my job in January of 2016 to start my own business, Westco Digital.

Today, my mission is to help creative entrepreneurs sign more clients, book more projects and increase their income with strategic websites so they can finally stop worrying where their next client is coming from and get back to doing what they love – growing their business and living the lifestyle of their dreams.

Pretty websites are nice and all, but that’s only half the battle!

My unique web design process that combines both design AND business strategy consistently helps my client reach their goals and I’m just as passionate about getting those same results for you!

My Values

Transparency. Communicate with compassion.

Dedication. Work Hard. Innovate.

Respect. Follow the golden rule.

Quality. What I do, I do well.

Integrity. Be real.

Things you probably don’t need to know…

When I’m not on my MacBook: I’m either picking up a new foster dog, trying out a new recipe, lost in the woods, or reading a good book.

I want to live in a world where: Books are free and wine has no calories. I can dream, right?

My secret talent is: always picking the broken shopping cart.

What lights me up: Supporting other entrepreneurs like myself by helping them grow their business and feel confident with professional websites. And cheeseboards. Always cheeseboards.

You may not know: I used to live in Philadelphia but now live in a log cabin in the Colorado mountains. My weekends went from inner city life to chopping wood and hiking. 

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