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Frequently Asked


What is your web design process?

The overall process varies slightly from project to project, but this timeline outlines the major milestones and we’ll do our best to stick to it. Please note that e-commerce and membership sites take longer to develop so add on 2-4 weeks to the development portion of the timeline.

Besides the tech stuff, we’ll also meet for a strategy session to nail down all your needs and get us both 100% on the same page. After the project begins, I send weekly updates on what I’ve accomplished and what I’m working on the upcoming week.

Project Communication:  During your project, we will primarily use the Client Portal to communicate and share files relating to your project. The Client Portal is a hub where the contract, invoices, design drafts, and assets will live.

How long will my website take?

It depends on a few factors: schedule openings, complexity, and your response time. Most website builds are scheduled to begin approximately one month after first contact. This allows time for you to complete any text copy, take any new photos, and do the homework required for me to create your site.

The complexity of your website is another factor, while some sites can be completed in as little as a month, others (especially e-commerce or membership sites) can take as long as three to four months to fully plan and construct. I’ll give you a better timeline quote during our strategy session.

The final factor is your response time. During the project, you will need to respond as quickly as possible to my questions and provide feedback. Delays in your responses will result in a delay in the launch of the website and may increase the overall cost of the project. If you have any vacations or offline time planned during the time we’re supposed to be working on your website, please let me know before you sign the contract so I may alter the timeline accordingly.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Each of my packages are based on milestone payment plans.

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