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On average, your website has three seconds to captivate interest.

First impressions MATTER.

And your website homepage is where it starts.

In fact, It’s often the first point of contact with potential clients.

You want to make an impression right?

Let’s make sure it’s a good one.


Your homepage is the first handshake, the first hello with your ideal clients.

You know when you’ve come across a website and you’re immediately impressed? You’re like yeah…this is exactly who I’ve been looking for!

When your website visitors land on your site they should feel like you’re speaking directly to them and understand their struggles.

A homepage that converts…

Immediately intrigues and captivates the eye

Is easy to read and navigate

Has a clear pathway of where to go next 

 Doesn’t over complicate things. Clarity is KEY.

But, what about the rest of the website?

On average, your website has an average of three seconds to captivate interest.

Since the homepage is often the first point of content with potential clients, if it doesn’t make a KILLER first impression, chances are they’ve already left and won’t even see the rest of your website.

If your homepage isn’t converting visitors into customers, and if it’s not interesting or engaging to read, then it’s the FIRST place to start in order to begin actively attracting clients and confidently closing deals.

But wait! I’m not a web designer. I don’t know how to code.

Good news is: you don’t have to!

Schedule a Free Homepage Review if…

You have a website but it’s not bringing in new clients or generating quality leads.

You know it’s time to make changes to your website but need some guidance.

You’re frustrated with general “how-to” tips and need specific advice for your unique struggles
so you can start making more money with little additional time and effort on your part.

During a Homepage Advantage Call…

We’ll go over three actionable items you can shift on your homepage TODAY in order to start getting more qualified leads and create more conversions.

You’ll be getting specific feedback for YOUR business website and what you can change at this moment to start attracting your ideal clients and increasing inquiries.

We’ll connect over a 30 minute Zoom call so we can do a live review and screen share of your website. You’ll have the option to record our call so you can review again later.


When your homepage is working for you…

You’ll look like the professional you are. Stand out in a saturated market with a homepage that is eye-catching AND compelling to read.

You’ll increase page visits and lower bounce rates. When your homepage is compelling AF people can’t help but continue reading and click through to other pages on your site. Having a lower bounce rate means that people are staying on your site longer, digesting your content!

You’ll be a magnet for your ideal clients. When your homepage gets straight to the point, it cuts through the noise and reaches out directly to clients who have problems you can solve.


Hi! I’m Chaucee, a website designer and developer passionate about getting biz owners the results they need through strategically built websites.

Every day I work with clients who feel frustrated. They’ve invested in website design before and it totally didn’t pay off. In fact, sometimes they feel they would have been better off going with a pre-made template!

That’s why I design websites from a point of strategy FIRST. Strategy is what separates pretty website from sites that sell.

With a background in branding and marketing, I bring over 8 years of experience in designing custom WordPress websites that are built with strategy first so that your site is actively growing your business and generating leads.

Are you ready for a homepage that is actively converting visitors into customers?

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