Sign More Clients + Book More Projects

With a website that consistently converts visitors into clients

Sign More Clients
Book More Projects

With a website that consistently converts
visitors into clients

Creating consistent content for your website sounds like a lot more work on your already overloaded plate. Right?

I’m right there with you – a busy business owner, it’s hard to find the time to sit down every day and spend an hour or so coming up with website content and social media posts.

Increasing website traffic means more eyeballs on your business which leads to more inquiries, more leads, and more money in the bank.

Maybe you’ve recently launched a website, and there was an uptick in traffic the first week or two, but now traffic has fallen, and inquiries are slowing down.

How do you get more eyeballs on your website?

Well, it’s quite simple: give them something to look at.

Marketing your business wbesite

Why consistent web content is important for your site

It helps with SEO

Creating consistent content for your website not only gives people a reason to keep coming back to your business website, but writing posts that are on-topic for your business or services will help you rank higher when people search those keywords in a search engine. This helps your overall SEO efforts.

Google likes you more

Putting up fresh blog posts on your website helps signal to Google that your domain is active and offering value. Google’s primary focus to give people what they are searching for. If your website helps them accomplish that, then they’ll give you a boost in search results.

Demonstrates your knowledge

Customers need to trust your knowledge and ability and demonstrating that is an important step in that direction.

How to create website content consistently

Choose one topic a week

This is going to change the way you create content, how much time you spend on marketing your business, and the return on effort.

Instead of coming up with a new idea of what to post 5-7 times per week, choose one topic per week then write a long-form blog post on it.

Use this blog post to create the rest of your content for the week. You can copy and paste different sections of the blog post for your social media captions. For other captions talk about this topic from a different angle, use new examples, ask new questions.

If you adopt this plan, you’ll only have to come up with 4 ideas per month and 48 ideas per year. 

This approach has saved me HUNDREDS of hours.

How to come up with topic ideas for your website

People go to the internet to solve problems. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it!

A great way to figure out the struggles your potential customers are looking for help with is by googling “how to” followed by some keywords related to your business. Search common questions your customers have and dig deeper into them.

The Bottom Line

Regularly updating your website and giving your visitors fresh content will increase conversions and help to grow your business.

Once you start enacting this on topic per week plan you’ll start spending LESS time fighting idea fatigue and MORE time responding to inquiries.

Need a little help getting organized around this? Grab the free 202 website content planner for free below.