So we’ve talked about how putting testimonials on your website can help increase conversions, so today I want to share with you a way to ask previous clients for testimonials in a way that makes it easy for them to do and helps you get the type of testimonials you need in order to increase conversions.

Make It Super Easy To Do

Chances are, your previous clients are super busy. If you reach out and ask them to write up a well-thought-out testimonial about what it was like to work with you, and you give them no starting point or prompts, this task will probably get pushed to their bottom of their to-do list. Not many people feel comfortable opening up a word document and typing out their thoughts in a cohesive way.

The easier something is to do, the more likely it will get done.

How do you do this?

Create a Form

Filling out a feedback form is a lot easier than typing up a paragraph. I use my client management system to create forms to collect feedback. However, you can use google forms, typeform, or even use a contact form on your website to collect feedback (like WP Forms or Forminator).

Ask Questions and Provide Prompts

Powerful client testimonials show a before and after.

Before we worked with Chaucee our website was outdated and hard to use. Now our website is a breeze to operate and we’re getting new inquiries weekly!

Most people don’t know how to write a powerful testimonial. Which makes sense! That’s why asking specific questions and providing prompts can help get the information needed for crafting an impactful testimonial.

Example Prompts:

  • Did you have any hesitations about reaching out to me for a new website design? What were they?
  • What ultimately made you decide to hire me?
  • Before we worked together, what were your biggest struggles?
  • How was my communication during your project? Did you feel like you knew what was happening, what progress I was making, and what I need from you?
  • What did you like best about working with me?
  • What would you say to someone who is considering hiring me?

Take Action: Set aside 30 minutes this week to create your feedback/testimonial form, type up an email template (that you can tweak client to client) that you can use to request a testimonial from a previous client.

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