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social media marketing
+ web design

for creatives, entrepreneurs
+ small business owners

How To Tell If You Need A New Website Design

You’ve put in the hard work to launch, nurture, and grow your business. Is your website working as hard as you? Here’s how to tell if it’s time to update your website design.

First Impressions Matter

For many customers, their first point of contact with your business is your website. When you’re competing for customers and clients it’s important to present your business in the BEST way you can. Clean, polished and professional design that presents your services, products, or capabilities in a clear way is the first step in capturing interest and attention.

It’s Not Mobile Responsive

Mobile-responsive web design is an absolute must in today’s world. It’s a world wide web standard and having a website that is not mobile friendly is hurting your leads. You don’t want to alienate potential customers or clients by presenting a website that doesn’t work properly across all browsers and devices. You want to take away every hurdle there is to capture their interest and business, so having fully functional website that is mobile responsive is imperitive. 

Small Changes Are Difficult To Make

Back in the day, most websites were built in a way that was not easy to manage or update your own without knowing code. This is exactly why I design the way I do. After launching a website, it’s 100% yours! You should be able to make updates as needed.

Your Competitors Have New Websites

When you’re courting customers, especially in a localized area, you have to stay *with* or ahead of the competition. If your competitors have well-designed websites that are eye-catching and easy to navigate, you will be at a disadvantage when they are weighing their options of who to go with.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines prioritize websites that have fresh, relevant content. If your website hasn’t been updated since your last redesign years ago, then web crawlers won’t find your website helpful or relevant anymore and push you farther down in search results.

Your Website is 4-5 Years Old

Web standards, browsers, and devices change so often that even websites that are only 4 or 5 years old can become out of date quickly. Old, outdated code can compromise your page loading time, the functionality of your website, and the mobile responsiveness. 

It’s Not Delivering The Results You Need

The whole reason why you HAVE a website is for it serves your business in the capacity if you need. If your website looks outdated, is difficult to navigate, and not visually appealing, then it’s not going to attract and convert customers in the way you need.

In Conclusion . . . 

If any of these are true for you and your business, then it’s probably time to get a fresh look.

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