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Strategic Website Design

For Service Based Business Owners

Chances are, you decided to go into business to solve a problem.

You saw a need and knew you could meet that need and really HELP people in the process.

You serve your customers with integrity, personal care, and enthusiasm.

But sales are slow, and it doesn’t seem like people even know what you do.

You’ve spent hours and hours crafting your offer, tweaking your services, but you’re not seeing an increase in inquiries.

What could be the problem?

Also, here’s a photo of my cute foster dog Rosie just because : )

My guess, without having EVER looked at your website, is that the copy on your site is focused too much on what YOU do and not enough about what your CUSTOMER will GET.

Human nature is self-centric and emotionally driven. We don’t buy things because we NEED them we buy them because we WANT them.

Your customers want to know exactly how they’ll benefit from working with you.

Conversion Copywriting Example

Feature: Customized nutrition plan
Benefit: Stop wasting time on diets that don’t work and don’t last
Deeper emotional benefit: Feel confident and empowered about valuing and investing in your long term, sustainable health.

So how do you uncover the emotional benefits of your services?

First, You need to decide how you want your reader to feel. Do you want them to feel less stressed, empowered, excited, confident, knowledgable, etc.


  • How can I help my website visitors solve a problem?
  • How can I help my website visitors get more of what they want?

Take Action

Take one of your service offers and apply the dig deeper strategy to get to the emotional benefits that your service has to offer.

Show me what you got! Need help or a second pair of eyes? Send me a DM on Instagram @chaucees

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