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Today lets talk about one of the core elements to profitable websites: conversion copywriting.

You may not have heard that term before, so here’s the jist: conversion copywriting is copy that is focused on one purpose. It address a problem and offers a solution. It is concise and to the point. It hits on pain points and guides you to the solution.

Your website could have all the bells and whistles, polished branded photography, and beautiful color, fonts, and logo, but once you get past all that then you get to the meat of websites: the content.

How are you going to guide your visitors to take the steps you want them to take without communicating in a persuasive way? You want your website visitors to know that you understand their struggles and have the BEST solution for them (because you do!).

Here are my top two tips for writing converting copy:

Write like you speak

If you were grabbing coffee with a friend and they asked you to explain what you do…would you say “I’m a WordPress designer fluent in php and a recipient of 4 industry awards.” No one talks like that to a friend! Writing in a conversational tone will make your copy more interesting and easy to engage with and understand right away. I’d rather do business with someone who can tell it to me straight rather than throwing around industry jargon.

Less company-centric and more customer-centric

Stay away from sayings like “we believe” and “we can”. Instead, say things like “you’ll get” or “you’ll find.” Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Think of the problems they are facing and address those directly. Show you understand their issues and can meet them where they’re at and accomplish their goals.

Additional Resources

This helped me: I took this conversion copywriting course and found it incredibly helpful not just for website copy but for marketing materials as well. This is not an affiliate link, just something that helped me and I thought you might like.

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