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With a website that consistently converts visitors into clients

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With a website that consistently converts
visitors into clients
In order to know if your website is effective in growing your business and marketing your brand, you’ll need to look at and understand your website’s analytics.

If your website doesn’t currently have analytics installed, go do that asap.

Analytics tell you how many people come to your site, how long they stay there, what pages are most popular, etc. It basically tells you what’s working and what to improve upon on your website.

Without them, it’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall in the dark and hoping something will stick. (Learn how to install Google Analytics)

Go analytics installed? Great, you’re already one step towards creating a website that converts.

Today let’s talk about your website’s bounce rate and how it’s affecting your website conversions and sales.

First things first, what is a website bounce rate?

A website’s bounce rate is the rate at which people are leaving your website after landing on one page.

So a high bounce rate for 60% or higher means that MORE people are leaving your website than staying.

A low bounce rate of 40% or lower means that most of your website visitors are immediately intrigued and stick around.

A great way to tell if you need a content-refresh or a new website design is to look at your bounce rate and what it’s telling you.

If more people are leaving your website than staying, then your site is ultimately not communicating well.

Ready to change that ASAP but don’t know where to start?

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It’s time that your website’s homepage starts to pull its own weight when it comes to converting visitors into customers and helping you grow your business.

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