Following your dreams, starting that business, expanding your client base, launching that online course…it can really take it out of ya! One way I avoid burnout is to seek out inspiration and encouragement from those who have gone before. I do a lot of traveling for my business and I always take the opportunity to turn on a podcast while I’m on the road. Here are three podcasts that always encourage and inspire me.

Motivating podcasts for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

How I Built This

The creator of How I Built This, Guy Raz interview some of the most successful entrepreneurs of today. Learn the story behind the founding of Instagram, how Southwest Airlines almost went bust, and when Whole Foods was just a hippie’s hangout.

Goal Diggers

My sister turned me onto the Goal Diggers podcast and I’m so glad she did! Jenna Kutcher is an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. Jenna has such incredible insight and advice and she gives practical tips at the end of each episode. 


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and have no idea how to do social media for your business then the Buffer podcast is a great place to start. Hosts Brian and Hailley break it down in short episodes which makes them easy to digest but packed with tons of information. I always walk away with fresh new ideas on how to market my business.

I’d love to know . . . what podcasts are you listening to? Where else do you find the inspiration and motivation to keep up the hustle?