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I’ve never been one for small talk. I can only do it for so long and then my mental notecards run out. My sweet spot is connection. I like to live in the messy conversations. Being able to listen deeply and connect with people is part of my introvert superpowers.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my purpose. Maybe I’m just getting old or nostalgia has been setting in, but I’ve been asking myself allll the existential questions lately.

What I’ve realized is that when I go back to the basics…I’m at my happiest when I feel that I’m making a difference and pursuing a passion. When I get to do something that combines those two aspects…well, it’s pretty much the best.

For me, that’s manifested by working with business owners. Probably because I grew up around them. I come from a family of entrepreneurs (restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, a chocolate company, antique newspaper company…you name it!). That means a lot of hard work, creative solutions, and random schedules. If that sounds like crazy town – it is – but it’s an environment that I thrive in.

That’s why being a strategic web designer and developer suits me. It excites me. Coming alongside a business owner, seeing their dream, feeling their passion, and understanding their goals and needs, and then designing and developing a website that creates the results they need for their business is pretty much my dream job. No, it IS my dream job. It’s the perfect blend of creative and tech, while getting to work with some pretty awesome people. Not a bad gig, huh?

I recently decided to write down what has been the basis for every project, every website, and every person I’ve worked with. The foundation of values that I act upon, believe in, and the values that guide what I do and who I am.

Transparency. Communicate honestly with compassion.

Dedication. Work Hard. Innovate.

Servant’s Heart. Treat others with respect. Follow the golden rule.

Quality. What I do, I do well.

Integrity: Be real.

These are the values that guide my decisions and interactions. This is what my work is founded on. What values resonate with you?

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