Refract Studio

For this project, I partnered with Refract Studio to provide a custom coded WordPress website using the Divi framework. The designers at Refract Studio mocked up the wireframes which I used as a template to code the website.



For this project, the designers at Refract Studio mocked up their website with InDesign and sent me the wireframes to use as an example of what the final website should look like.


Once the wireframes were approved, I got to coding on WordPress using the Divi framework with custom modifications.


After testing mobile and cross-browser compatibility, and sending through for client approval, went live.

Let me start by saying that I am not the easiest client to please, but Chaucee was patient, kind, and determined to create the site just as I had designed it. She went above and beyond by communicating on my behalf to troubleshoot an issue and didn’t stop until it was functioning perfectly! I loved working with Chaucee and know that I’ll be hiring her again in the near future.

Rae, Refract Studio

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