So much of our personal and professional lives are online that it can be hard to track just how much information you’re putting out there. I like to be “pre-paranoid” about situations that could potentially be damaging, and that definitely includes what I put out on social media. Here are a few rules I personally follow to make sure I am safe about my social media use.

Don’t Location Tag In Real Time

This is one rule I adopted after having an unsettling experience of a stranger. They knew where I was at that exact moment because I had shared a photo of the place I was at when I was there.  Nowadays I never post things in real time and it hasn’t affected engagement at all.

Don’t Share Your Itinerary Ahead of Time

If you’re sharing your day on Instagram stories or Snapchat, don’t say “heading to xxx next for some bagels!”. This gives a map to where you’re currently at and where you’re headed. Not a good idea to give this information out. This goes along with the previous tip of not location tagging where you are currently.

Use Common Sense

Take a minute to think about what you’re posting and ask yourself how revealing is it and are you comfortable with that being on the internet permanently. We’ve all posted things we regret on the internet (thanks, Xanga) however it’s important to make informed decisions that are thought through, especially when publicizing your business or services. 

What are your social media safety tips to live by?