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As a busy business owner, the more you can streamline your to-do list the better. When you’re busy running the nuts and bolts of your business, sometimes social media can fall to the wayside. But fear not! There is an easy way to incorporate a robust social media presence with a bit of planning and analytics.

Streamline your social media strategy

Schedule Posts

No one has the time to be connected to social media 24/7 so scheduling posts throughout the week is the quickest and most efficient way to keep your social media channels fresh with new content daily. Thankfully there are some awesome websites and apps that can help you with this! Check out this post to learn more about scheduling platforms.

Plan Content

Take time at the beginning of each month to fill out your content calendar. Planning content helps you create a cohesive and comprehensive marketing plan and makes sure you stay on message while remaining true to your brand. Not sure how to go about this? Here are my tips on content planning the easy way.

Weekly Reviews

At the end of each week take 20 minutes to look at your posts from the week and take note of which posts are performing the best and which are not. Identify the common thread throughout popular posts. This will help you focus your future monthly social media planning on content that is performing well and cut down time spent on posts that don’t have a good return on the time you invested creating that content. Take use of platform analytics when comparing these posts!

Reach Out

If you’re at the point with your business that you need to take things to the next level, I highly recommend bringing on an experienced social media strategist and content creator to help support your marketing goals. Having a business in this day and age without a digital marketing plan can really hinder all the other work you are doing to make your business thrive. Reach out when help is needed and seek out like-minded people!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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