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Website Strategy Workbook

This is the workbook I use with my clients to create sites that CONVERT.

Use this template to re-evaluate your home page, about page, and services page for your website.  


As a business owner, you are here to solve a problem. Your product or your service should speak to the pain points of your audience. Ask questions that get to the heart of your customer’s struggle. Demonstrate that you understand their struggle and frustrations. Here’s how I do it:


Here is where you share the good news … your customers don’t have to stay stuck in their problems! Whatever problem you are addressing, HERE is where you paint the picture of what life could be like with your product or service. Here’s how I do it:

Intro / Pitch

After speaking to your customer’s pain points and painting the picture of a solution, HERE is where you come in with your offer. Get specific on exactly how your product or service is the BEST way to solve their problem. Here’s how I do it:


Social proof and word of mouth marketing converts visitors into customers at the highest rate. Think about it … would you rather work with a contractor who came recommended by a trusted friend? This is where you’ll insert reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Let them sing your praise! Here’s how I do it:

Call To Action

Don’t let your visitors get to the bottom of your website and get stuck, or worse yet, leave! Every single page needs a purpose. What action do you want your users to take? Do you want them to fill out an inquiry form? Book a discovery call? Sign up for your email newsletter? End your page with the clear next steps your visitor should take.

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