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As a busy business owner, the more you can streamline your to-do list the better. When you’re busy running the nuts and bolts of your business, sometimes social media can fall to the wayside. But fear not! There is an easy way to incorporate a robust social media presence with a bit of planning and analytics.

All-In-One Scheduling


Buffer has become one of the most popular social media management apps today, and for good reason. Their affordable prices and intuitive design makes scheduling posts even easier. They have tiered pricing packages to fit every business size from the solopreneur to a corporate company.


Hootsuite is one of the original social media scheduling platforms. It has robust capabilities but the interface is a bit clunky and not as streamlined and polished as Buffer is. However, Hootsuite is really great for team environments with the ability to submit content for approval and team roles.

Sprout Social

Sprout is probably the most robust SM scheduling platform because it also includes deep-dive analytics on all social platforms. This is great for a larger team or agency. However, this is the most costly of the three all-in-one scheduling platforms.

Per Platform Scheduling


If you’re looking for a free solution to scheduling on Twitter, then look no further than TweekDeck! They have an impressive dashboard display that not only allows you to schedule tweets, but also follows hashtags, trends, and conversations making it easier to track your community and the conversations they’re having.


I’ve been using Grum to schedule Instagram posts for years both personally and professionally and the ease of use is a big bonus in my books. One thing I absolutely LOVE about Grum is the ability to schedule posts right from your laptop. I’ve always preferred typing on the computer than a small phone screen, and scheduling Instagram posts on the computer is faster, allows for easier hashtag research, and saves time. After scheduling your post, Grum takes care of the rest – you won’t need to re-confirm a post right before it goes live. You’re also able to add multiple Instagram accounts and Grum has no limit on how many accounts you can have.

Facebook Business Manager

Using Facebook Business Manager is the easiest way to schedule and collect analytics on your FB posts. From your business dashboard you’ll be able to edit, schedule, and boost posts, as well as create paid advertising campaigns, track expenses, and generate business reports.

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