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Strategic Website Design

For Service Based Business Owners

Woohoo! Congratulations : ) You have a brand new spankin website design and you want the world to know! Unfortunately, simply changing up the visual aspect of your website won’t get more traffic to your site. You have to talk about it and promote it! Here are 4 actions to take once you launch your new website.

Share on Social

Tap into your existing audience base and post on your social media channels about your new website design!  But don’t do it just once. It’s easy for posts to get lost, so posting about your new website design several times ensures it will reach more people. Post about different features on the website – showcase your video testimonials, your company’s story, or the new services page.

Take Actions: After reading this post, draft 5 social media posts to promote your website and schedule them.

Track Your Website Stats

The best way to know if you’re getting more eyes on your business is to make sure you are tracking your stats. I personally use Google Analytics Dashboard for WP and always install this on all of my client sites as well. It’s easy to set up and pulls in all the stats you need for a quick daily glance. For a robust analytics report, log into your Google Analytics account (  I like tracking the sessions, users, page views, bounce rate, session duration, pages per session, and time on page.

Take Action: Create a quick excel spreadsheet tracking the stats that are most important to you and update them weekly or monthly. Or if you feel comfortable navigating the Google Analytics Dashboard then schedule time each month to review your analytics (write this on your calendar!).

Create Sharable Content

Content that offers value gets shared the most! Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by creating top-quality, valuable content for your customers and potential clients on your website. This also helps with the next action…

Take Action: Learn how to create sharable social media graphics the easy way.

Prioritize Your SEO Efforts

Even if you have a brand new website design that is eye-catching, responsive, and mobile-friendly … if no one visits it then what’s the point? Search engine optimization is an essential practice to get fresh eyes on your website. Websites that are not creating content regularly often get pushed lower on the index as Google assumes it’s no longer relevant if it hasn’t been updated in the past few months or years. I use either Yoast SEO or Smart Crawl on all of my client sites to help guide them in making sure they continue to optimize their pages and posts for SEO.

Take Action: Identify three top keywords related to your industry and brainstorm 5 blog posts content ideas you can create around those keywords.

The Bottom Line

Don’t abandon your website! Do these actions consistently every single month to see real change in your website traffic and inquiries. Need some help? Reach out.

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