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Your customers and clients are looking to work with someone who understands their problem and knows how to fix it.

Often times your client can feel alone in their problem.

They’re working at building their business and don’t know anyone else who can relate to their unique struggles.

But you can.

Because you see customers after customers struggling with the same or similar issues and you’ve worked with them to solve those problems.

That makes you more of an expert on your customer’s problem than they are!

Your website has three main missions: to express empathy for your customer’s struggles, demonstrate your expertise, and then to get people to take the next step.

Express Empathy

Write down several empathy statements that speak directly to the struggles your customers have. They need to know that you get it.

Example: Is your website not generating leads or making sales? Are you embarrassed to point potential clients or collaborators to your website because it’s outdated and doesn’t represent you like the professional you are?

Demonstrate Credibility

Here, talk about how you’ve solved this problem for customers before.

Example: I design and develop custom websites that are built with strategy first so that you’re getting more leads and making more sales, which means more money in your pocket.

The Bottom Line

First, express empathy and connect with your customers. Then demonstrate how you’ve solved their problem before. This is a great way to guide people to getting into contact with you and hiring you to solve their problems.

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